From the day we began First Redeemer Church, as its Founding Pastor, I realized that there would come a time when I would need to lead in developing a succession plan for my personal role in this ministry that would be pleasing to the Lord and best for His church.

xDuring recent years I have prayerfully and diligently worked with others in preparing the church for the day that I will step aside.

Whether that happens in months or years, God’s church is too important to not have prepared a well-developed plan for having in place the one who will take the position of Senior Pastor at that time.

After many months of prayer and preparation, next Sunday Morning at the conclusion of our Annual Church Stewardship Brunch, a unanimous motion will be made from our church’s Board of Elders and our church’s Personnel Committee to call Rev. Jeff Jackson to become Co-Pastor of our church and Pastor at my side as long as I remain, and at the time I leave the position to assume the role of the Senior Pastor of First Redeemer.

There is no other man who is better qualified to fill that role than Jeff. He is strong academically with Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Georgia Tech and a Masters in Theology Degree from Liberty University.  He is also currently enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry program at Liberty Theological Seminary.

Jeff and Catherine were among the founding members of our church and have gained the respect of those in our community both in and outside of the church.

During the past 10 years in full-time service here, Jeff has served as our Minister of Education, our Minister of Young Adults, and is now our Senior Associate Pastor, our Church Administrator and Lead Pastor of Contemporary Worship. Simply put, he knows the heart and the people of First Redeemer.

Above all, Jeff and his wonderful family, Catherine, Morgan and Cameron have proven themselves to not only profess the Faith but to live it out among us.

At 43 years of age, as Co-Pastor, he will attract families that are looking for a church with the promise of younger leadership, but at the same time he will have the maturity to minister to our middle and senior adults as well. I am persuaded that in God’s time he will make a gifted and wonderful Senior Pastor for years to come.

But until that day comes, I will remain busy in my current role as the church’s Founding Pastor.  The only immediate change will be that I will have Jeff at my side playing a major role joining with me in the work of pastoring the church.

I know that we all are grateful for the wonderful blessings the Lord has given us over these past 16+ years together but realize that regardless of how good the past has been for us, as Pastor and people, God has promised us in His Word that the best is still ahead!


Finally, let me remind you to be sure to attend our Annual Stewardship Brunch next Sunday Morning at 10:30 AM.  This motion will be brought to the church in a short Business session at the end of the meeting.


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