Covid has required us to adjust backstage pass.  Check back here for continued updates in 2021.

If you are new to First Redeemer or want to know more about First Redeemer, then Backstage Pass is for you.
Backstage Pass is an interactive three- hour event hosted by the Journey On Team at First Redeemer.

During a Backstage Pass event you will:
  •  Receive a behind the scenes tour of our campus and facilities
  •  Have the opportunity to learn how you can make a big church small, and get engaged and involved
  •  Discover how you can take next steps in your own spiritual journey
  •  Be given the opportunity to meet several of the First Redeemer staff
  •  Learn some of the key doctrines and beliefs of the church
  •  Learn the Purpose, Mission and Vision of First Redeemer Church
  •  Begin next steps to discover what God wants for your life
  • Get any and all questions about the church answered
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