First Redeemer Church 2023 Budget

"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit" - Matthew 28:19

Budget Adoption Schedule

Sunday, March 12
Budget distributed to the church

Wednesday, March 15, 6:00PM
Budget review in the Sanctuary

Sunday, March 19, 10:45AM
Business Meeting in the Sanctuary to adopt budget

Dear Redeemer Family,

What follows is a summary of our church’s financial investments in God’s Kingdom during the 2023 church year. As a Great Commission Church, we are here to win, baptize, teach, and disciple every person possible by every means possible until Jesus comes again. God continues to bless and use our church family for His purposes in our community and around the world.
There has never been a more exciting time or place to be gospel-bearers. Our campus is at the epicenter of a dynamic, diverse, and fast-growing community. This influx is occurring at a time of great spiritual and moral confusion in our land; many of our new neighbors are hungry for truth, meaning, and purpose. I believe God has placed, prepared, and equipped First Redeemer Church to fill this growing void. We are here for such a time as this.
As we continue to faithfully steward the time, talent, and treasure God has invested here, I believe that our greatest days of Kingdom impact are ahead of us. This year, we will take bold new steps to be a brighter beacon of hope in our community and world. As we faithfully follow Him into an exciting future, I believe that God will leverage our corporate generosity to accomplish more than we could dream or imagine.

All in for Him,

- Dr. Jeff Jackson, Senior Pastor

Budget Summary

Missions & Outreach                   $410,916

Music & Worship                            395,259

Children & Preschool                     151,240

Adult Education                              115,805

Student Ministry                            123,600

Media & Creative                           242,433

Administration                              607,050

Debt Service                                   790,407

General Operations                   3,301,690

Personnel                                     5,090,740

Total Ministry Budget    $11,229,140

Weekly Budget Requirement     $215,945

First Redeemer Church 2023 Budget

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