All In represents our church’s collective commitment to the Bible as the inspired Word of God. We believe that the Bible is truth (John 17:17) and the blueprint for the abundant life. The only remedy to the harmful moral and spiritual decline in our culture is a return to God’s Word.

I believe that God has prepared and equipped our church for such a time as this. The preaching and teaching of the Bible have always been – and continues to be – powerful distinctives of our church. God has assembled here an extraordinary team of Bible teachers and has richly blessed our teaching ministries. Today, thousands participate in some form of Bible study on our campus each week. First Redeemer Church is a place where the presentation, explanation, and application of God’s Word is done with excellence.

Now, God is calling us to do more. He is leading us to be a brighter beacon of truth by expanding our current education ministries and by adding new ones to become a hub of Bible Education in our region. As always, God’s vision for our church is far bigger than anything we can do on our own. It’s only by God’s blessings in response to the faithful obedience of His people that we can become the beacon of truth He is calling us to become. All In is our collective commitment to take these next great steps of faith.

I hope you will prayerfully consider your part in this great movement of God. As we know from Scripture and from our own experience, God uses and blesses those who go All In for Him and His purposes.

All In for Him,

Pastor Jeff.

God is calling us to preach and teach the Bible with clarity and conviction in a culture desperate for truth. To do this, we will improve and expand our already extensive Bible education ministries to become a standard-bearer for Bible education in our region. This will require additions to our current facilities, including the construction of a new, state-of-the-art Adult Bible Education building and much-needed additions to our Preschool Education space.

Will you go ALL IN for God's Word?

All In is not about building new facilities; rather, it’s about building God’s people. Spiritual revival comes not when we raise money or build bigger buildings but when Christians embrace and commit to God’s will and purpose. Over the next three years, as you go All In, expect God to do the unimaginable in and through you and our church family.

You may ask, “How can I go All In for God’s Word?” The First Redeemer Family will fund God’s vision over a three-year period, beginning March 26, 2023.
Below are three steps that you can take to commit to being All In.


Ask God to bless our church’s efforts to teach, preach, and stand for His Word.


Allow God to speak to you about what your sacrificial commitment to this effort looks like.


Make your commitment together with the church family in the March 26 worship services or by clicking here.
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