Pastor's Post | August 15, 2021

Dear Redeemer Family,
Like you, I was horrified and heartbroken by this weekend’s tragic developments in Afghanistan. The same evil that has terrorized many parts of the world for decades seems to be on a winning streak. It’s a stark lesson but one that is relentlessly repeated: When good stands down, evil flourishes.
There are many who need the intercessory prayers of God’s people. Unfortunately forChristians living in Afghanistan, the aftermath of this terrorist takeover will likely be unthinkable. Our fellow believers there now face inconceivable horror and danger. I hope you will join with me in praying earnestly for them; for their safety, for their strength, and for their courage. Let’s also intercede for the brave men and women of our armed forceswho are doing all they can to rescue people from danger. We should also remain prayerful for the innocent people of Afghanistan. The Taliban does not represent all Afghanis; there are many innocents who will suffer under this brutal regime. Finally, let’s be diligent to pray for our world’s leaders. Pray that they would not cower to evil, that they would not neglect the innocent, and that they would seek wisdom from God to lead well.
These are perilous times. Now is the time for all Christians to remain persistent in our prayers, faithful in our witness, secure in our hope, and diligent in our mission.
Pastor Jeff
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