Pastor Post 3.11.22

Pastors Post 3.11.22
Dear Redeemer Family,
As we continue to watch tragic events unfold in Ukraine, our hearts break for those whose lives have been forever changed by war. Families grieve the loss of a dad, son, mom, or daughter. Loved ones are separated as family members flee to safety. Homes are left behind. Livelihoods are lost. The pain of war is excruciating. We intercede for the innocent and we pray earnestly for peace.
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One of our Ukrainian Redeemer Churches is located in Rubyezhnoe (a city in the Luhansk oblast or province); Pastor Eugene leads this young church. Pastor Eugene, pictured here with his wife, 2 daughters, and 4 sons, sent us the following message this week:
“We have very difficult times. Fighting is taking place around our city. The city is shelled with heavy artillery. There are dead and injured. Many people seek refuge in other cities of Ukraine and abroad. My family has left. My son remained, this is his decision and mine blessing. He is now helping the church community. I am now at war, chaplain of the military unit that defends Ukraine. In our city of Rubezhnoye there is a humanitarian catastrophe. We need prayerful support.” – Pastor Eugene
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Another of our churches is located in Umanskoe (located in the Donetsk oblast) led by Pastor Sasha. Pastor Sasha, pictured here with his wife, continues to minister to his church and community, including the distribution of groceries and supplies.
Finally, we were scheduled to dedicate a 3rd church in April in the city of Kuryachevka; this church was to be led by Pastor Vladimir. However, Pastor Vladimir and his family had to leave their home; in his words, “Our hometown is under occupation and the occupiers are taking away houses and living there themselves.” He has sent his family to safety in Romania while he remains in western Ukraine to transport humanitarian aid to Kyiv and to help evacuate those who want to leave.
As I mentioned last Sunday, we are working with our ministry partners in Ukraine to provide groceries and other supplies to our pastors so that they, in turn, can meet the needs of their congregation and community. We will continue to seek out ways to help and will be responsive to any need we can meet. Of course, please remain fervently prayerful for our pastors, their congregations, and all those suffering through this difficult time.
This weekend, hundreds of teenagers from our church and community will gather for U-Turn, 2022. We are expectantly praying for a great move of God that will change hearts, heal brokenness, restore relationships, and bring deadness to life. Please remain prayerful for:
  • Kevin Dunn, Nathaniel Gray, Connor Frick, Adi Coe, and Nikki Orr as they lead this event.
  • Zack Trantham as he shares from God’s Word.
  • John McCullough as he leads worship.
  • Every leader and host home volunteer as they serve our students.
  • Every student who will be here.
Finally, don’t forget to SPRING FORWARD this weekend! Set your clocks forward one hour Saturday night to be sure you’re on-time Sunday morning. I’m looking forward to a great day…I’ll see you in church!

Pastor Jeff

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